Uli Böttcher – Live Electronics

Born 1955, studied visual arts, worked through various jobs and played percussion in some Salsa bands until he met improvised music in 1993.

His electronic vocabulary is based on „Record/Play“, using computer and microphone, mixing bits of pre-recorded sounds with bits of live-recordings of his partners, treating and twisting the signals.

EAI-concert- and festval-activities in Europe, among them with Michel Waisvisz, Roger Turner, Paul Hubweber, Erhard Hirt, and Eugene Chadbourne.

'Il faut qu'on le dise: Uli Boettcher est un des hommes a suivre de „l'électroniques qui traite le son acoustiques d'un improvisatuer en temps réel“ ou de 'Électro Acoustic Impro.'

(J.-M. Van Schouwburg)

'Boettcher, a true virtuoso on his own chosen instrument, is hardly the guy to corral his comrade into something, uh, minimalist: the guy ingests deformed samples like Phil Daniels scarfing down blue pills at the end of Quadrophenia.'

(Dan Warburton)

Active Projects

Maxwells Dämon (Uli Phillipp – Kontrabass/Elektronik, Uwe Buhrdorf – Klarinette/Elektronik)

Schnack (Paul Hubweber – Posaune)

Turner/Böttcher (Roger Turner – Drums)

Flickr (Michael Vorfeld – Lightbulbs)

Lurk Lab (Jörg Fischer - Drums, Mathias Schubert - sax)

Chad/Böttcher (Eugene Chadbourne – Banjo, Guitar, Vocals)

CD + Vinyl
(among others)
Nefastismaschine, Hybrid
Stille Post, Fringes
Schnack, Auf Abwegen
Rot/Roh, nurnichtnur
Schnack 3, nurnichtnur